SupHerb Farms’ Fresh Frozen Ingredients supply
ready-to-use fresh flavor that is a cut above the rest.

Just one taste is all it takes to experience how fresh the flavor is in any of our fresh frozen culinary herbs and specialty vegetables. One look will attest to the quality and consistency of the ingredients we provide. And every order shows you just how committed we are to serving our customers.

SupHerb Farms’ ingredients are:

  • Made with Natural ingredients
  • Fresh Frozen – more locked-in flavor, color, texture
  • Ready to Use – washed, chopped, fully prepped
  • Customization – batch packs, special cuts, custom blends, pastes, purées
  • Product Development – formula assistance, trend tracking
  • Safety Tested – use with confidence
  • Stable pricing – year-round availability
  • Fast, Economical Shipping – regional warehouses

SupHerb Farms launches
Chili Pepper, PURE Purées
and Organic Herbs.

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