Get ready to craft truly flavorful menu items with
SupHerb Farms’ Fresh Frozen ingredients.

We at SupHerb Farms are passionate about our products and our customer relationships. Looking for the latest food trends? Want to simplify processes in the back of the house or save money on recipe ingredients? Our Executive Chef Scott Adair and his culinary team can create a solution just for you.

SupHerb Farms’ ingredients are:

  • Made with Natural ingredients
  • Fresh Frozen – more locked-in flavor, color, texture
  • Ready to Use – washed, chopped, fully prepped
  • Signature Products – pastes, purées, custom blends
  • Safety Tested – use with confidence


SupHerb Farms Fusions’® Videos:
Fusions Videos Menu Development
Fusions Videos Consistency
Fusions Videos Streamlining


Globally Inspired Flavor Solutions
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