Gothic Versatility: Black Garlic Four Ways

If you love the flavor of roasted garlic, black garlic will become your new favorite. The dark garlic clove may look scary, but this ingredient is sure to add a new taste to your everyday dishes.

Black Garlic Puree_compressed

What is Black Garlic?

Black Garlic is a type of aged garlic that comes from a garlic bulb being aged through controlled exposure to heat and humidity until it turns black in color. The dark color comes from sugars and amino acids reacting to long-term heat exposure; this is known as the Maillard Reaction. This ingredient was first used in Asian cuisine but is now used to add umami notes to any dish, from home-cooking to high-end restaurants.

The taste is rich and robust with a natural sweetness and some acidic notes. It becomes more robust when its puréed form. When it comes to how to use it, the options are endless. Black Garlic is very versatile and can be added to anything that regular garlic would typically be added to.

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4 Ways to Use Black Garlic Purée

1. Elevated Sauces

Bring color and new flavor notes to neutrally flavored foods such as mayonnaise, cream-based sauces, spreads, and butter to bring these popular condiments to a new level.

black garlic aioli and potatoes

2. Make it Sweet

Add to maple syrup, honey, or agave to create a dessert drizzle full of umami notes or add to ice cream or pies for extra depth. Combine with chocolate for a unique flavor combination.

3.Bring out the Acid

Play up the acidity by mixing with different kinds of vinegar. Mix with balsamic vinegar to make a reduction sauce for stir fry or add to white vinegar with oil for a delicious salad dressing.

black garlic vinegar salad dressing

4. Add a Unique Note

To those finished dishes that just taste like something is missing, add black garlic purée to solve the problem. Get creative and experiment to find your favorite flavor combination. Serve it on noodles and roast vegetables, use it as a rub for meat, use it as a pizza sauce; the options are endless.

Looking for additional inspiration? Check out our very own Chef Scott’s favorite ways to use Black Garlic Purée in his Test Kitchen Tuesday video on Black Garlic Purée:

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