We have a responsibility to enhance and help our community. We are powered by many, acting as one.

Powered by Many, Acting as One

We are committed to actively sponsoring events and causes that enhance the quality of life for our communities. From volunteering to community sponsorships, we strive to make a difference every day. Our staff has proudly donated time and money to organizations that have made a difference in our communities.
SupHerb Farms Charity Committee

SupHerb Farms Charity Committee

The SupHerb Farms Charity Committee is made up of hard-working and motivating employees who demonstrate a strong commitment to our local communities. This committee leads by example and encourages the whole company to get involved and put their best foot forward. Each year, employees are invited to request donations to organizations or community events they are closely working with or support. Throughout the year, the charity committee meets and submits donations and registers for community events that all employees and their families in invited to participate in.

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