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Discover SupHerb Farms’ history and journey to fresh flavor. It’s who we are.

SupHerb Farms

Founded in 1992 in the heart of California’s San Joaquin Valley, one of the most fertile growing regions on the world. Our headquarters are located in Turlock, California and it is here that we process freshly harvested herbs into ready-to-use ingredients and flavor solutions for foodservice operators and food manufacturers.

Everyone looks back fondly on the big moments in their life. Here are some of ours.


SupHerb Farms began by growing and harvesting freeze-dried and IQF chives, so it was only natural to draw inspiration from the vibrant colors found on chive blossoms.

SupHerb Farms


Basil has a special place in our hearts. Back when we were freeze-drying chives, we didn’t imagine basil would become such a hit. Our proprietary seeds, the pioneering of IQF technology, and focus on quality have led to basil becoming our best seller.

Specialty Vegetables

Our pursuit of being partners in innovation with our customers led us to become a specialty vegetable supplier. Responding to your needs is built into the foundation of how we do business!


We began our foodservice business by providing custom solutions to a fast-paced industry, offering unique ingredients and sauces to provide you with a competitive edge. Today, we have full lines of products and pack sizes designed especially for foodservice.

SupHerb Farms Fusions®

We launched our Fusions line with one goal, to help you experience a world of flavor. We began with the idea of becoming the authority on emerging flavors and trends, to help you grow your business by staying ahead of the curve. Our goal is to assist chefs with trend prediction and to create authentic craveable flavors that drive demand on both the foodservice and manufacturer side.

Flavor Defines Us

Our appetite for sensational flavors from all over the world inspires everything we do. At SupHerb Farms, we’ve found that our real joy comes from sharing the results of our passion for flavor with our customers. For us, there is no limit to innovation.

For over 25 years, we have provided fresh-from-the-garden flavor, innovative product formats and on-trend flavor solutions for foodservice operators and food manufacturers. What’s our purpose? To enhance the daily eating experience by partnering with you to bring craveable flavor to life on menus and in food products. This is all made possible by the quality of the ingredients and products we offer, collaboration among our team members and the technical expertise of our Culinary/R&D teams married with international cooking traditions.

We firmly believe that by balancing environmental stewardship, social responsibility and economic prosperity, we sustain and improve the health of our planet, the viability of our partners and the quality of life for our communities and future generations.

Flavor. It’s who we are.

flavor defines us


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