Custom Solutions

Flavorful culinary ingredients deliciously designed to your exact needs.

Our R&D and Culinary teams are happy to assist with custom solutions that fit your needs.


Signature FlavorWe collaborate with you to develop truly unique flavor profiles via turn-key product development with ideation, formulation, optimization and production support.

Tailored TextureSupHerb Farms Specialty Vegetable Purées, Culinary Pastes and Culinary Sauces can be specially designed to your viscosity or particulate size preference.

Unique Cut SizeWe have many IQF Herb and IQF Specialty Vegetable cut size options available.

Custom PackagingOur team works with you to identify and select packaging types in a variety of pack sizes to fit your business’s unique needs. Offerings: Bags, Bag-in-Box, Pails, Pouches and Tubs

Request a Custom Solution

Add unique global flavor across five menu items with one versatile ingredient.