Meet Our Growers

SupHerb Farms herbs are grown locally using proprietary herb varietals. We contract with the most experienced and professional farmers in California. Meet some of the local farmers with whom we contract, and who support our sustainable strategy.

Bowles Farming Company

Merced County


Bowles Farming Company is a family farming operation that’s been in existence since the 1850s. Cannon Michael (right), President and 6th generation to work in the family farming business, and Derek Azevedo (left), Executive Vice President, are proud to uphold the Bowles Farming Company values of environmental stewardship, ethical treatment of workers and sustainable production. What they love most about farming are the challenges every day brings and the opportunity to create food.

“We get a chance to provide people with some of their most basic needs.”

Underwood Ranches

Ventura County


Underwood Ranches is a family-owned farm that goes back to the 1860s. For the past 30 years, Chief Operating Officer Jim Roberts (left), has helped the Underwood Family with the daily management of all aspects of the farming operation. Even though it is challenging, Jim loves agriculture. The challenge of dealing with what mother nature throws at him and still having a successful harvest is what brings him back every day.

“The thing I like the most about farming is the challenge of trying to organize chaos.”

Pereira Farms

San Joaquin County


Pereira Farms is a family operation that has passed down the passion for agriculture through generations. John Pereira (left) and Anthony Pereira (right) are a third and fourth generation father-son duo that has been growing for SupHerb Farms for a decade. They value the challenges that farming brings and see it as a 12-month adventure; they never know what they are going to encounter.

“A twelve-month adventure…”

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