Jamaican Jerk Chickpea Salad

Jamaican Jerk Chickpea Salad

Menu Concept

Chickpeas are seasoned with Jamaican Jerk Seasoning offering robust, big flavor. Marinated chickpeas are then combined with Italian dressing, diced cucumbers, tomatoes, IQF Red Bell Pepper Strips for a fresh and vibrant salad with overloaded with Caribbean flavor. Garnished with feta crumbles and lemon wedges for a protein forward vegetarian menu option suitable for the base of a main entrée or a great side option.



  1. About 1 in 3 consumers love/like Jamaican food. Source: Datassential 2023.
  2. 42% of consumers love/like chickpeas. Source: Datassential 2024.

Culinary Tips

  • Turn this into a healthy appetizer offering! Purée the chickpeas with the Italian dressing until smooth then top with the remaining ingredients. Serve with grilled, sliced pita.

Add unique global flavor across five menu items with one versatile ingredient.