Generational Preferences: Unveiling Global Flavor Trends

Unlock generational insights and discover which global flavors to leverage for your business.


Global flavors are one of the hottest and most steady trends right now! Recognizing the different cuisine preferences that appeal to each generation makes for more strategic customer-centric menu and product design. Download our free white paper now to revolutionize your approach to innovative flavors and to uncover:

  • Gen Z, Millennial, Gen X and Boomer Data (plus insights on Gen Alpha!): Did you know Boomers are interested in seeing more Japanese options on restaurant menus? This report shares fascinating Gen Z, Millennial, Gen X and Boomer cuisine preference data. And for the very first time, SupHerb Farms unveils insights on newest (and least picky?) generation, Gen Alpha.
  • Cuisine Consumption Behavior: Fifty percent of consumers eat Thai food away-from-home and only 10 percent make at-home. Find out which cuisines consumers eat at/from restaurants vs. preparing at home—and discover the reasons why consumers do not prepare certain cuisines at-home.
  • Choosing the Right Global Flavors: Learn which global flavors consumers want from restaurants and grocery stores, whether they are cutting edge and seeking the newest taste experiences or are late adopters still interested in trying trendy globally inspired flavors.

Source: Consumer Research Conducted by Datassential for SupHerb Farms, January 2024

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