Lemon Grass

Refreshingly tart, clean and citrus-like with peppery notes.

A must in Thai curries and soups, Vietnamese salads, and spring rolls. Perfect for Indonesian chicken and pork dishes.



Lemon Grass
Available Options
  • IQF Fresh Frozen
  • Multiple cut sizes
  • Industrial bulk
  • Foodservice pack
  • Customization

For custom pack size, cut size, flavor, or product interpretation, contact your SupHerb Farms Sales Manager.

Food Manufacturers Available Products
  • Lemon Grass 1/8″ 30lbs
Foodservice Available Products
  • Lemon Grass 1/8″ 4-8oz
Technical Documents

Lemon Grass

plant Available as Organic

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Add unique global flavor across five menu items with one versatile ingredient.