Culinary Sauces

SupHerb Farms® ready-to-use Culinary Sauces are fully-prepped, labor-saving products that are easy to use across your menu. Chef-designed with versatility in mind, these sauces cling to meats as the perfect marinade and add globally-inspired flavor as a base, finishing sauce & more! Available in 1-lb. pouches, these sauces fit conveniently in standard squeeze bottles.


creamy ginger

Creamy Ginger Pepper Sauce

Creamy, sweet, slightly spicy flavor with a rich, warm aroma and a slightly acidic note.

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Latin America

ancho orange

Ancho Orange Sauce

Perfect combination of peppers with sweet orange back notes and light authentic spices.

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creamy jalapeno pesto

Creamy Jalapeno Pesto Sauce

Delicate, creamy, fresh jalapenos and savory garlic with slightly acidic and salty notes.

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piri piri sauce

Creamy Piri Piri Sauce

A tangy, pleasant blend of bright herbs and savory garlic with a finishing bite of heat.

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superfood pesto

Superfood Pesto Sauce

Perfect combination of fresh basil, arugula, sorrel, kale, parsley and spinach with light garlic and lemon notes.

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Add unique global flavor across five menu items with one versatile ingredient.