Creamy Ginger Pepper Sauce

Creamy, sweet, slightly spicy flavor with a rich, warm aroma and a slightly acidic note.

The bold ginger front notes combined with a back heat full of Asian flavors add a vibrant taste to dishes. Great as a stir-fry base, sauce for banh mi sandwich, an unexpected kick to tuna salad or tossed with chicken wings.

Our ready-to-use Culinary Sauces are clean label and now available in a new one-pound pouch, reducing plastic usage and storage space required.

SupHerb Farms® new ready-to-use Culinary Sauce line won the “2022 Best New Foodservice Condiment Category” award by CSN Magazine!

Gluten Free



creamy ginger
Available Options
  • Customization and signature items
  • Foodservice pack
  • Pouches

For custom pack size, cut size, flavor, or product interpretation, contact your SupHerb Farms Sales Manager.

Food Manufacturers Available Products

Please contact your SupHerb Farms Sales Manager for availability.

Foodservice Available Products
  • 16/1 lb. pouches
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Menu Inspiration Using Creamy Piri Piri RTU Sauce

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