Plant-Forward Dishes

Move away from the meat and focus on the veggies…

The number of consumers choosing a plant-forward diet is growing exponentially, offering an opportunity to expand menus and appeal to the changing interests of consumers. Vegetable-centric dishes are no longer just for vegan or vegetarian diets and more about adding dishes with health benefits and fresh ingredients.

Give your Millennial and Gen Z customers what they want:

* 57% of are trying to eat more plant protein

* 44% of are trying to eat less meat

* 70% are actively trying to increase fruits & veggies in their diet

* 29% of Millennials limit their meat consumption in some way

Source: Datassential 2018

Plant-forward dishes are meant to be innovative and add a twist on the classics. We’ve listed a few ways that you can upgrade traditional dishes and focus not only on health but also flavor.

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