Trending Flavors: Southeast Asian Island Cuisine

Every year, SupHerb Farms partners with Technomic to conduct a consumer survey on what we believe to be the next trending cuisines. Survey responses are a key piece of each of the six whitepapers produced annually. 

The search for the next big flavor never stops.  

Chinese food is ranked in the top 3 preferred cuisines in the US, according to Technomic, so it is no surprise that food experts continue to explore different Asian cuisines in search of the next big thing. What is required to find the next trending dish? A successful mix of innovation and familiarity along with our most recent whitepaper on trending Southeast Asian Island Cuisine, highlighting those with the greatest potential.  

Which countries are included in the Southeast Asian Islands? 

The Southeast Asia Islands include Malaysia, Singapore, Taiwan, the Philippines, Mariana Islands, and Indonesia. These islands hold many diverse cultural influences from countries around the world; thus, this cuisine features well-known flavors and spices with an island influence.  

Almost half of consumers have not but would like to try this island cuisine. 

The appeal of Southeast Asian Island ingredients is growing on menus, slowly increasing awareness among consumers. Ingredients like long pepper (Indonesian spice similar to black pepper) and finadene (spicy, salty & sour Chamorro sauce/condiment) may seem too exotic to garner attention, but the goal is to make the introduction comfortable and exciting.  

Appeal of Southeast Asian Island Herbs, Spices, Condiments and Sauces

Southeast Asian Island Application Ideas

Operators should consider looking to Southeast Asian Island cuisine for limited time offers or new item pipeline inspiration as consumers are always craving new flavors. Suggested ingredient and application ideas include:

•  Nasi Campur Meal Kit/Appetizer
•  Filipino Adobo Chicken Wings
•  Sambal Aioli

Read SupHerb Farms’ Southeast Asian Island Cuisines White Paper to discover the up & coming flavors of this trending region.


Southeast Asian islands WP Preview

Add unique global flavor across five menu items with one versatile ingredient.