Speed-Scratch Guacamole

A Perfect “Mash-Up”

SupHerb Farms, Produce Alliance and Calavo Growers teamed up for this quick and easy guacamole recipe using the SupHerb Farms Salsa Blend (green onions, jalapeños, garlic, and cilantro) and Calavo Growers Chunky Avocado Pulp. Add a little lime juice and some salt and you have speed scratch guacamole in less than 2 minutes. These days when labor is tight, and you want to serve that house-made flavor, look for SupHerb Farms speed-scratch time and labor-saving blends.

Speed-Scratch Guacamole in 2 Minutes or Less

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Quick and Easy Ingredients

Using fresh frozen ingredients means dishes and applications with more locked-in flavor, color, and texture. Drastically reduce prep time by introducing speed-scratch solutions to your operation and rest assured that your dishes will be consistent in flavor, texture and portion size no matter who makes it. Not to mention the cost savings of getting avocados and specialty herbs year-round from your freezer.

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Who is Produce Alliance?

Produce Alliance specializes in providing fresh produce procurement and distribution services to foodservice clients across North America, the Caribbean and beyond. They manage an alliance of 50+ independently-owned specialty distributors of fresh products, with combined produce sales of over $4 billion annually.

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Who is Calavo Growers?

Calavo Growers is an international consumer goods and farm products company. They package and distribute avocados and other fruits, as well as their fresh-prepared food to restaurants, stores, and individual customers worldwide. Calavo Growers was established in 1924 as an agricultural cooperative and was instrumental in launching the California avocado industry.

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Add unique global flavor across five menu items with one versatile ingredient.