Gen Zers vs Baby Boomers

Knowing the flavors that each generation craves is the first step and how to apply these flavors in key menu trends is the next. Check out the key opportunities, similarities and differences regarding Gen Z vs. Baby Boomers. Both groups have high visitation rates for foodservice visits with about two-thirds of both generations purchasing food or beverage from a restaurant or other foodservice location once a week or more. However, there are distinct flavor preferences for each generation that should be considered on operator menus.

  • Applying generational flavor preferences to menu trends is key to understanding Gen Zers and Baby Boomers.
  • While Gen Zers are more open to new experiences/new flavors and Baby Boomers are more likely to prefer familiar fare, 66% of both generations like trying new flavors from time to time.
  • The top two most craved flavors for both generations are Sweet and Savory, both of which have more than a 50% ranking.
Gen Z
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